9 Psychological Tricks to Be the Most Charming Person in the World

4. They use the power of touching

Touch is a powerful tool that helps people to understand emotions better. In one experiment, scientists tried to express 12 emotions by touching their interlocutors without words. It turned out that in 50-83% of the cases these emotions were expressed correctly.

Therefore, when you want to congratulate someone, just think how to do it better. To shake hands or to pat somebody on the shoulder — this depends on a situation. This will help to prove the sincerity of your words, express the right emotions, and gain the trust of your interlocutor.

5. They’re good at using facial expressions and gestures

Likable people express their emotions incredibly well and accurately. They can turn even the most boring story into a really enthralling conversation. By gesticulating and making faces (when it’s appropriate), they express the mood of their story. And this helps to genuinely kindle the interest of their interlocutor.

6. They’re not afraid to look silly

Maybe ice skating or Twister is not their strong point, but they’re absolutely not afraid to be awkward.

Curiously enough, people respect them even more because of this.

When you’re ready to demonstrate your weaknesses and you’re not afraid to look silly, people don’t laugh at you. They laugh with you. Because everybody understands that all of this is fine.

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