8 Simple Habits to Get Rid of the Sleeping Problems That Annoy Us

7. Discover the wisdom of the East.

Tibetan monks believe that your spirit can influence your whole health. Gymnastics will help you strengthen and direct the energy flow. Basic stretches in bed will boost your brain activity, wake you up, and even have a healing effect on your body.

  • Carefully massage your eyeballs with your thumbs. You’ll improve the work of your nervous system.
  • Breathe deeply, and pull your belly in and out. Repeat this at least 20 times to prevent bile from coagulating in your body.
  • Hold your knees to your chest, and stay in this position for a minute. This position will activate the work of your stomach and stretch your back muscles.

8. Create a morning ritual that will make you want to wake up early.

We know that changes can be hard, but they’re totally worth it. To be happy, healthy, and cheerful, you have to put in some effort. Motivation is important too, of course.

You can prepare stickers with encouraging phrases and words, and put them in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Only you know what you need to write on them to improve your mood. If “I’m so great!” doesn’t work for you, write down your own inspirational quote.

Another good idea is to spend some time with yourself in the morning. Drink a cup of coffee, and make plans for a day while your family is still sleeping.

We hope that these 8 simple pieces of advice will help you improve the quality of your sleep and change your life for the better. What are your tricks for getting a healthy sleep and easy waking up? Share your ideas in the comments.

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