11 Tips to Sleep Like a Baby

3. Get prepared for the morning routine

Even if you religiously follow the above steps and get the best night’s sleep of your life, it will be wasted if you are still rushing around in the morning looking for a clean shirt or your car keys. Get everything ready the night before, leaving you free to jump out of bed with joy, knowing you need only eat, shower, and GO!

2. Apply consistency

Success and positive thinking go hand in hand, so the fact that going to bed after midnight has been linked to repeated negative thinking patterns means late nights are a no-go if you want to raise the bar on your dreams.

1. Put your worries to bed

We collect hundreds (if not thousands) of thoughts during the course of a day: worries and successes, from the life-changing to the entirely insignificant. Recording the challenges and highlights of your day in a journal is not only therapeutic but also helps to free up space for even bigger and better ideas tomorrow.

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