10 Surprising Uses for ChapStick You Didn’t Know About

4. Healing minor cuts and insect bites

Due to its moisturizing and soothing properties, ChapStick can easily relieve itching and speed up healing. It also reduces skin redness and soothes small cuts.

5. Taming flyaways and static hair

Lip balm will help your hair to stay straight and smooth for much longer. You just need to apply a little bit of your lip balm to your hairbrush and brush through your hair avoiding the roots. Lip balm is wax based, and if you apply it to your brows it will make them look neat.

6. Soothing a sore nose

Repeatedly wiping your nose because of a cold causes irritated skin around or inside the nose. Just run a finger over your tube of lip balm, and then apply it to an irritated spot. ChapStick will moisturize the skin and help healing. But don’t use menthol ChapStick as it may cause itching.

7. Making an improvised candle

If you insert a matchstick or a tiny wood stick into your ChapStick, you will get a good candle for an emergency situation.

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