10 Misconceptions That Make Our Wardrobe Tasteless

8. Misconception: you cannot combine different prints in one image.

In fact: Several patterns in one image look fresh and nontrivial, but they must emphasize the appearance and complement the image rather than dispersing attention.

Stylists recommend: Patterns should have something in common, such as color. The same pattern in different sizes would look perfect. Geometric figures (squares, rhombuses, polka dots, stripes) also look perfect together and with other prints.

9. Misconception: pink suits only children and young ladies.

In fact: Depending on the style and shade, it can be worn at any age.

Stylists recommend: Combine pink with other colors (white, gray, beige, blue, purple), taking into account your color type and body specificities. 50-something women are recommended to choose coral shades.

10. Misconception: frills and flounces make you look fat.

In fact: Flounces and frills give tenderness to your image. At the same time, excessive decorative elements visually add a couple of extra pounds.

Stylists recommend: The safest option is frills on the sleeves. They suit everyone and look spectacular. If you don’t have a model body, try to avoid dresses consisting of frills only. They “widen” the body.

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